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Best tool to Backup your wordpress blog-Updraftplus

Many times I have been lazy, and I have lost several posts in my blogs due to insufficient backup.I searched many backup plugins,most of them requires database management knowledge. I found out the simplest option of them all,the Updraftplus plugin.It is simple to use, and available in several packages as free and paid versions.


I have chosen the free backup plan because I cannot afford the premium plans at present.This plugin allows us to fix the backup frequency. I chose to update my backups on a weekly basis, and have also chosen my Dropbox account for remote saving my backups.

Supports WordPress backups to UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, DreamHost DreamObjects, FTP, OpenStack  and email.There are several other options available for paid users.This sums up the post in a nutshell, “better safe than sorry”.

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Newyear resolutions

Every newyear brings a new perspective to our lives.It is an opportunity to start from a fresh page and draw wonderful pictures throughout the year.

If we compare every year to a drawing,the canvas of 2016 has already been finished. Not even a single line can be drawn on this canvas again. The picture will be a sum of all the strokes we drew day by day, throughout the year. The picture may be beautiful if the year had been spent wisely. 

A new canvas has been gifted to us, marked 2017.Since techpiper had only a few strokes drawn per last two to three years,I have decided to draw a wonderful picture this year.

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Techpiper reborn

I have been maintaining this blog,  eventhough I have not posted anything of value for quite some time now,  because I always wanted to get back to writing. Techpiper had kept me sharp,  in the past as I read frequently,  to update my knowledge. Now I have come back, to start writing again. This post is used to mark the day,  when techpiper is reborn

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Godaddy coupon codes for webmasters

Go Daddy is one of the leading webhosting service which offers best rates for domain registration and hosting. Since Go Daddy is one of the cheapest and most reliable hosting service, they have stayed at number one position for past several years.There are different plans to choose from. For publishers who are new to blog publishing and website creation, they offer many starter packs at very low rates.For advanced users Go Daddy has dedicated servers and offer reseller hosting plans.

Go Daddy coupon’s offer steep discounts on purchases made through Go Daddy online portal.The

Some of the Godaddy coupon codes are given below

7.99$ .com domain registration
Save 5$ off your order 30$ or more
Save 10$ off your order 50$ or more
Save 15% off your order 75$ or more
Save 20% off hosting

All codes are valid and has no expiry dates. All codes are for new registrations.Not valid for renewals.

These Godaddy promo codes can be used to get discounts while paying online for domain and hosting services from Godaddy.

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Read your favorite books online for free using Goodreads.

I used to read a lot of books during my school days.My father taught in the school where I studied, being an ardent reader himself, he used to bring a lot of books from the school library. I read many novels during that time. As I went to college, my reading habits took a hit . Getting good books was not an impossible task, but I couldn’t find the time needed to go to a public library for reading.The medical books which I had to learn offered great reading opportunity.As I graduated, and got some free time to read, I began searching for places to find good books to read. Purchasing these books were not at all an option as good books were too costly for me to afford.

As I spend most of my free time online, an online service which offers books for free was my dream. I checked out a few like, etc. Since dailylit sent me the books as installments to my feed reader, I had to wait several days to finish a book.Dailylit may suit readers who have very little to spare, those who have patience to wait several days to finish a book.Since I like to read and finish a book within a week, this method didn’t suit me, so my quest for the best free online book service continued.

A friend of mine recommended to me.When I logged in, I found lots of free books available in and PDF formats.And the best part was that the books were free for download. I could also read the books online during my spare time. This service will surely benefit a lot of people who spend most of their time online and would like to read a book in between their work.I would gladly recommend goodreads to my friends and readers of this blog who are searching for good books to read online.

Goodreads have proven that the best things in life are free.Start reading books online without having to spend a dime to buy a membership, improve your knowledge and skills.

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Train locating service for Indian railway

If you are a regular traveler on the Indian railway,you may know the difficulties one face while travelling on Indian railway.Most of the trains will be running late, so you may have to wait hours for the train to arrive.If you travel daily, you may be able to adjust your time.But if you are an irregular traveler who travels on Indian railway once in a month or once in two months,you are at risk of losing a lot of your time and your patience too!

So is there any other service other than the computer service at the Railway stations to help you with the task of locating the train which is en route to your station?

The simplest solution to your problem is to call the railway station and inquire whether the train is running late.Most of the time, your call may not be answered and even if it is answered, you won’t get enough time to ask your doubts! It maybe because the railways are understaffed, but you may have to check out other methods to know the train position.

Some websites offer train locating services for Indian railway.

1. Use website to locate your train is a simple website which helps you to locate the current position of your train.Just enter the train name or train number and get the information regarding whether the train is running late or not, the last station where the train was spotted etc. website for train running time and booking status is a great website offering a lot of services like train running time, train booking status etc.You can have a googlechrome or firefox addon which will help you to easily access the website.

3.Find train timings to Sabarimala with website is the website which offers information regarding train timings to Kerala hindu pilgrim center Sabarimala.This website is very well maintained and offers great service to Sabarimala pilgrims with their accurate display of train timings and  a Google map showing the location of the trains and covers 3 main railway stations leading to Sabarimala.

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Circumventor proxy lists all in one

I have listed a lot of circumventor proxies till date.I will list those proxies in a single page for easy access.These are my posts for proxies are related stuff.

1.Newest proxies-unblock orkut.

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3.Circumventor Proxies till 2009 June

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6.Proxies to browse uncensored, october series

7.Circumventor proxies, November series

8.Circumventor Proxies December series

9.Circumventor Proxies January 2010 series

10.Circumventor proxy list february 2010

11.Circumventor Proxy list March 2010

12.circumventors August series


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Teacher training for doctors at Oxford medical.

Teaching is one of the most revered jobs all over the world and doctors are considered next to god.One of our teachers at our medical college used to say, when a doctor becomes a teacher, it becomes the most sacred profession in the world. Training young doctors require a unique set of skills and patience. Most doctors who get into teacher profession are untrained or have very little training in the teaching field.

Oxford medical is an institution which offers training courses to doctors.Their courses have been externally assessed and validated and come with recognized CDP certification.Consultant interview course helps doctors face interview boards of hospitals and medical management course helps develop skills needed to manage hospitals and staff.

Medical teaching course helps doctors become teachers and help in creating great doctors for future.This course provides information regarding the latest developments in medical field and other information needed in teaching budding doctors and other staff.Teach the teacher course at Oxford medical help train teachers in medical education.

The courses offered are many, and these courses are sure to benefit doctors land better jobs and develop leadership skills. A good medical education system requires great teachers, who inspire the students. A good medical education system produces good doctors which automatically translates to a good healthcare system.

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Use trackmenot to protect your search data from being stolen

We hear lots of data being looted from our computers while we surf the internet. What we think of as a harmless sites may be harboring bots and spam ware which can steal valuable information from you.

In the developers own words:

Trackmenot is a lightweight browser extension that helps protect web searchers from surveillance and data-profiling by search engines. It does so not by means of concealment or encryption (i.e. covering one’s tracks), but instead, paradoxically, by the opposite strategy: noise and obfuscation. With TrackMeNot, actual web searches, lost in a cloud of false leads, are essentially hidden in plain view. User-installed TrackMeNot works with the Firefox Browser and popular search engines (AOL, Yahoo!, Google, and Bing) and requires no 3rd-party servers or services.

Trackmenot runs in the firefox background a sends a set of ghost queries to search engines, thus masking the actual query and preventing spammers and data miners from utilizing this information to create user profiles.

TrackMeNot is user-installed and managed by the user. Once downloaded, it resides wholly on users’ system and functions without the need for 3rd-party servers or services.

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Social Media: Positive effects on the society

There couldn’t have been more people agreeing to this statement if there happens to be a poll about the same. You can resist listing the numerous pros that social media networking has brought to society. One can think of more than half a dozen just off the head. It is a very interesting time when social media made an entry into the public world. What used to be considered a bane has miraculously transformed into one o the biggest boon of the 21st century world, alongside Apple apps and Google. There is now little doubt that social media is the Black Swan of this century.

1. Addressing a larger audience

Today, there is nothing more passé than sending a message to a few friends declaring a promotion of an admission in your favorite college. If you haven’t twitted it, your declaration has only reached 0.001% of the people. The point being, social media stands as the only tool to address a larger crowd. Have an opinion? Share it! Is what social media banks on. The need to share information and have a large audience is also quite important.

The world is growing in leaps and bounds, both by size and by its heterogeneity. In such a case, the uniting factor for most of us is the social media. You will by default find at least a million people on Facebook or Twitter at a given point of time. Such is the strength of social media.

2. Boundary-less Communication

The communication is important, there is little doubt. But what are the kinds of communication that will be most effective? Through newspapers, there has been one-way communication, since it is the government that could speak to us, and not the other way around. Today be it opinions, arguments, debates or simply reciprocating to an event, it can all be done on a platform. Today, San Juan is not as far as it used to be from Paris. The world’s a smaller place and everyone’s happy about it. Thanks to social media.

3. Revolutionizing the world of the common man

How would you feel being a celebrity for a day, or even an hour. Well, you don’t have to dream that far. Social media is here! Today the common is the uncommon. We find ‘likes’ and ‘hits’ on different videos that are uploaded by common people and the world is the audience to these incredible, funny or alarming videos. It is like being star struck for a day. Be it videos of hurricanes or presidential speeches. Nothing escapes the social media.

4. Changes in behavior of teens

It’s a common place to spend time in surfing. There is no such thing as ‘too much time on the internet’. Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin have taken care of that problem. In fact, students especially teens are encouraged to use the devices like the social media since it brings about better interpersonal skills. Promoting knowledge about people from different cultures and backgrounds leads to expansion of the social circuit by meeting people with common ideologies.

5. An identity for everyone

Some people are of the belief that social media is in truth the best practice of democracy. It is the place of the people, for the people and by the people. There is so much to learn from it despite all the criticisms. It lends a distinct identity for everyone, although, the identity is virtual. No one goes unnoticed in the virtual world and it lends everyone with a voice. Something the real world is devoid of.

Social media in itself is not advantageous but the opportunities it offers. It is the people who make social media what it is and this fact cannot be ignored. It caters to the basic need for interpersonal communication and is a bleak substitution and reflection of the real world. Social media is definitely the way to go!

About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of blogging. Recently an article on Maruti Swift attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on 3D Games.


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