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Boost Alexa traffic rank using Alexa Sparky

Can you ever believe that, adding Alexa Sparky ,toolbar or Alexa Site stats boosts your alexa Traffic rank?

I also didn’t believe until I experimented for myself. I installed Alexa Sparky 1 month back, ever since my Alexa traffic rank has grown from 6 digits(1,123,540) to 571,840 current 3 month average. But 1 week average is even better, 154,823. I couldn’t believe my eyes, because just a test bought me these results.

Was it only due to the tests or is there any other reason? I had worked hard for past 2 weeks,inspired by the Alexa rank displayed at the bottom of my Firefox window. My traffic has actually tripled, the sole reason was the inspiration brought in by my improvement in traffic ranks. I added Alexa site rankings button on my Blog.

If you want better traffic ranks, work hard for it and over all, don’t forget to download and install Alexa Sparky!. Add Sparky and let Alexa work for you for a better traffic rank and better earnings.

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