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Access Orkut in office

Simple trick

Most of the offices maybe running on Internet Explorer…Download Mozilla firefox¬†
Install firefox on disc D,E or F( Disc C maybe password protected).

Now open firefox and type


This opens the Orkut window.

NB: maynot work because Orkut maybe blocked on all browsers. maynot work on IE.

Download Firefox for free here

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30 Responses

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  1. Aryan says

    I tried all the above method and still it is not opening the orkut page……..

  2. Rockstar sid says

    Here is another proxy which works fine!

  3. Eliane says


  4. RAVI NAYAN says

    Dear sir I want to know that about Where is Office in India (orkut office) . i want to give some Advertisement on net.
    plz give me office Mobile no deatils further give me on my mobile
    Thank you sir.

  5. RAVI NAYAN says

    Dear sir I want to know that about Where is Office in India (orkut office) . i want to give some Advertisement on net.
    plz give me office Mobile no deatils further give me on my mobile
    Thank you sir.

  6. vasya_wyh says

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  7. max says

    Try tor network to bypass all types of restriction
    go on this site for proper detail

  8. orkut says

    Try this proxy, it seems to be a lot faster then a lot of the others ones;


  9. manu says

    none of these sites are working…. pls provide sme new link.

  10. Vishal says

    We at our colege hav h/w firewall so i cant access orkut.Plz tell sum other site like t9space

  11. Himansu says

    Thanks buddy thanks a lot,,,
    it works..

  12. PAMIDI says

    hey guys can u let me proper website to open orkut all the above methods failed.

  13. kaushal says

    hi now I can open orkut in

    thanks sara

  14. Arun says

    Hi… is working fine…

  15. YASIN says


  16. Devesh says

    Just try application Hotspot shield or u can try also

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  18. manoj says

    in above all sites only t9space is working. power, powerscrap are not working. Is there any thing like power scrap to acess orkut.

  19. latika says

    thari ma ko bhosdo………..bahut chutiya banayi riyo hai tu………..thari maa ko chodu……….mill mat jaiyo bahar………………………

  20. naveen says

    i tried all the links but still i am not able to open the orkut wat i can do please

  21. soumyajit says …guge me ….

  22. ravi kumar says

    hi jobinmartin,
    thank u for ur orkut suggestions.

  23. kavita says

    Hi, im not able to access orkut in my office & the sit is blocked kindly help me out… i can access gmail but not orkut… help me out

  24. viva says

    bal banra khola jai na….

  25. krish says

    hey i’m krish saran i like to make some friend i’m a B.TECH. student plj reply to me good afternoon

  26. talltreez says

    I don’t think that method works any more. You can access Orkut by using proxy sites, it works most of the time. But right now I’ve shifted to Freedur which is a proxy but doesn’t bombard you with popups and adverts (they can be annoying). It also allows you to surf all kinds of blocked sites privately.

  27. jobinmartin says

    I haven’t tried it. Thanks for sharing the info.

  28. jobinmartin says

    Good afternoon!

  29. shreyas says

    i tryd ur link but this link appeared in my office comp
    but still m not able to open orkut… wat can i do ??
    please reply me

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    just moseyed in….

    God love google, nice stuff. Have an excellent day….

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