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Create your custom page with 4 of your favourites

Something so easy and useful Do you wish to create a webpage containing four of your favourite sites? Nothing can be simpler really. You can even open it from your hard disk (if you are connected to Internet, that is).

1. Copy the URLs of four of your favourite sites. These always start with http://

 2.Copy the text given below
3. Open Notepad and paste what you have copied there.
4. Replace the four lines (in red below) that start with http:// with your own (ie etc.).For a start you can change just one line (i.e. the URL of just one site) to see if it works.
5. The last thing to do is to give your file any name you like but you have to end the filename not with .doc as for a Word file but with .html eg. my file is named demonstration.html

<frameset rows=50%,50% cols=50%,50%>
<frame src= >
<frame src= >
<frame src= >
<frame src= >

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