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How to recover lost passwords

                      My next post will be on How to recover lost passwords in windows,Instant messangers like yahoo,AOL,Gtalk etc….

Doing some research on the subject and my take a few days to compile the data….


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Posted in password recovery.

5 Responses

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  1. raj says

    how to hack passwords

  2. Betrayed says

    hey is it possible to find the password for a yahoo id and gmail id any help would be greatly appreciated. i need to find this one persons password who betrayed me i want to know how long has she been doing this rgds

  3. jobinmartin says

    They have good measures in place to prevent hackers….

    Even if I know, I wouldn’t tell, because it is UNLAWFUL to peek into other men’s accounts

  4. snazzy sachin says

    Iv been cheated by my galfriend, wanted to delete all my mails of her hand.any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

  5. prasanth says

    i want to remove one person from my friend list in orkut..but he only send me friend request

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