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Keep track of cuties on Orkut!

I found this in orkut help…

Found it useful,so thought of sharing it

If another orkut member has caught your eye, here’s how you can take action:

1. Take a look at their profile.
2. Click on either the “add to hot-list” or “add to crush-list” button located underneath the user’s photo.

These two lists allow you to flag potential romantic interests. These lists are for your use only, and other members won’t know that they’ve been added, with one exception. If you add an individual to your crush-list and that same person adds you to their crush-list, you will both be sent a message indicating that there’s a match. The rest is up to you!

Please keep in mind that the “add to hot-list,” “add to crush-list,” and “send teaser” buttons are only visible if a user has filled out the “personal” section of their profile.

If you have a change of heart about someone on your hot or crush list, you can follow these steps to remove them:

1. Visit your home page and click the “lists” button under your photo.
2. Click the “view crush-list” or “view hot-list” button.
3. Click “remove” next to the name of the person you would like to remove from the list

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  1. kshabbir says

    hey cutie

  2. Peter says

    do you have any proxies to log on to Powerscrap as it is blocked

  3. anand says

    pls open orkut when server is bloked

  4. Naren says

    hi i want to know how to track a password of my sister she is entering into a bad communities so i want to know how to track her orkut password is there any suggestion to do that

  5. Viru says

    wow!! I gotta change my hot-list right now!!

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  7. sunny wadte says

    U seem to be very intelligent.
    Please send me some tips on how to use inter Effectively.
    I will be highly obliged.

  8. sunny wadte says

    U seem to be very intelligent.
    Please send me some tips on how to use internet Effectively.
    I will be highly obliged.

  9. noor says

    dear friend
    i hope you will be glad to know that someone is looking for guidance from. so plz tell me the use and advantages of orkut hotlist

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