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List of proxy good sites

One of the first proxy sites I used

One of the Best proxies I used

I recently heard about

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36 Responses

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  1. tarun says

    i wanna to open orkut but in my office banned all d sites. what i m doing

  2. Cami says

    Well im setting in school and im trying to get to myspace and not one of these will work around the schools block.

  3. Jena says

    Bluddy hell .
    none of these work .
    seriously some1 find something PLEASE .

  4. Proxy says

    Use this:
    multiple scripts available

  5. jorge says

    sup here’s some websites that are proxy’s

  6. nikas says

    none of ya proxies workbitches :[[

  7. vito says

    none of these damn things work, Y even put em on?

  8. Violet says

    youhhh guys are sooo fuckkn stupid;;
    none of these proxies work
    so why post them?!
    youhh guys are so fukkn useless;;


  9. stephie_09 says

    none of these sites f—in work. this freggin school blocks EVERYTHING and it pisses me off!! lol

  10. Xoink says is free and super fast!

  11. Frit says

    best one u will find, thank me in any way u want

  12. Hoa says

    i want download rapidshare, but i don’t know any site for its. Help me!!

  13. gtaylor says

    i need a website.. to get on myspace…

  14. dylan butterfass says

    Ok…. i dont like to give this away but the one i use is my school blocks EVERYTHING and this one works. have fun

  15. Clubba says

    It worked for me at school

  16. the answer says

    take almost any of these sites and add an s at the end of http
    (e.g <- that one works btw

  17. shsjsjsjz says

  18. charlie hammond :) says

    not one of these fuking proxys work you a stupid little cunt for trying these and there never work at skl



  19. charlie hammond :) says



  20. Yourmom says

    These all SUCK…none of these work…
    they worked at my school and its strict…they are now blocked here but….they might not be at yours so TRY EM IDIOTS>>>>>

  21. ton says

    Go dude and buy one they are like 10 bucks a month if you find the right dude — super fast and not black listed

  22. Stigma says

    Well, none of these proxies worked for me, so I might have to find a way to uninstall the school’s proxy software itself off of whatever computer that I use. I’m pretty sure that I can do that, but if the proxy is integrated in the school’s internet network itself, then there really isn’t anything that you can do.

  23. Crystal says

    guys try this one… works for me at school, and you can get on pretty much anything and everthing…….have fun!!!!!!!!

  24. stacy lin says

    non of these proxies work i need unknown ones to help me to access facebook at school

  25. tyler jacobson says

    you guys fuckin SUCK im at a fuckin library and none of these stupid Fucking sites fuckin work you suck at life go kill yourselves

  26. wezzy says

    try thats my best site

  27. ll says

    diz shit dnt work……….fucckk diz bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ll says

    ugh it juz dnt work!!!!!!!

  29. BIG GURL says


  30. XxXxRJxXxX says

    this isw the best to me but even this doesn’t work 100% but try

  31. Georgie says

    Same here i just cant find any a prxys that work. My shool have blocked Everything and i find new ones and then they find out about them :@ ITS ANNOYING im so pissed of about it

  32. =]...=[ says

    lykkkeee wteff non of these sites work!!!!!!omg im gettn PISSED off

  33. jobinmartin says

    Be patient and try the new circumventor proxies

  34. mhmm says

    yeah these sites suck the school already has them all blocked what i need is a site that will let me download ultra surf off of its website not a fricken link that leads to the ultra search website cuz thats blocked too… grrr

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