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Open Orkut using Kproxy

Kproxy is a very efficient Proxy….


In the dialog box that opens in kproxy,type….Orkut window opens….Log IN
But Intelligent Administrators can block Kproxy too…. Then use this trick

Find the Ip address of Kproxy…

Given here

This will open Kproxy window…. Now proceed as usual

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18 Responses

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  1. shad says

    mail me i will send u the site. becaue i am also in ksa.

  2. shad says

    but i can use in gulf with full fucntion. m id is

  3. shad says

    which id u have in orkut.

  4. hems says

    ya its works through

    thanks to all


  5. akash says

    use the

    and replay me

  6. soumyajit says

    wat u need just..speak baby/..

  7. karthick says

    don’t worry de …if u don’t mine chat wit me …y u like orkut proxy…

  8. shrestha says

    thnx a lot… rocks!!lol

  9. pradeep says

    hmmmm!!!!!! not upto da mark

  10. Saikat says

    Hi Imran,

    Pls sent me d rquired programe. Thanks in advance.


    Mail ID:

  11. satendra says


  12. sanju says

    hey frnd u can use
    otherwise download ultrasurf from google…..and then run this..when it shows successfully connected then type orkut or other site which u wanna open…..if doesnt then contact me

  13. Ajith says


    I work as a system level programmer in Dubai , and pagemod proxies were the only ones which got through the Etisalat Filter.
    I have tried all sorts of proxy servers like TOR etc but all get pretty slow and inaccessible moreover pagemod has support
    for myspace bebo facebook orkut and video sites as well.
    Even tough web proxies like pagemod proxies gets blocked eventually I get new ones just by sending a mail to or by subscribing to their services.
    Presently their new ones are: or


  14. raj says

    thank you works perfect

  15. gulmehak says

    mega its
    ER GULMEHAK DUTTA …..iF u wana open orkut with the help of proxy just concern me……………………

  16. mohamed yahia says

    this my email add me (

  17. Safal says

    All above URL tried but all are blocked….

  18. Prashant says

    This is prashant trying to good wishes to all my friend in orkut.

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