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Some tricks most people know…But I didn't!


I learned some smart keyboard shortcuts in the last few days….. Only later did I know that most people knew it!!

Anyway  I am jotting it down for people who didnt know till now

1. PRINT Screen

I always wanted to take the screenshot of certain pages when  surfed online….But I didnt knew…I got the shortcut yday

Alt+Printscreen key to take the screenshot of any active page.

After taking the print paste it on any Image editor,like Microsoft Paint.Save the file

2.Take photo clips while seeing a movie

a.If you are using Mediaplayer a Ctrl+i ….Save the file.

B.Power DVD use C….Save the file

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  1. kumar says

    hai this kumar ineed to acces this orkut

  2. tttttsss says

    hi, this is sid, need to know how to operate orkut or yahoo when it is blocked by the college IT sections.

  3. rashmi saini says

    every proxy…..every thing is blocked…………..n i want to open orkut plz help me out

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