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Two simple Google tricks

Trick 1

I learned this by experience….

You have an Orkut account and a gmail account….Which account will you open first?

Most probably gmail.

But I would open orkut first then only gmail.why?

Because logging into orkut automatically opens gmail.

So if you have logged into orkut,Just type in gmail on a new window,your gmail account opens up!

Trick 2

You have the following accounts to log in to,which one will you select




Option 1>Gmail opens gmail only

Option 2>orkut>Opens orkut and Gmail

Option 3>Google>Opens google,orkut,gmail, google¬† page builder,notebook,… on..

So the best Option is Logging into Google account …


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9 Responses

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  1. antony says

    y dont u say some new tricks, this tricks are already known,,,,,,, he he he he he eh ehe

  2. surendra says


    But, those two tricks can be clubbed as one right!!!!!!!

    You could have added another trick also ,by doing so, in the same page!!

  3. Lila says

    Noo we eed websites and tipsz tooo go on facebook and blocked websites when were at school, cuzz they block all the good websites!:(

  4. dharmendra says

    whats a ghatia tricks.????

  5. kishor says

    my friend if u wana open blocked orkut just logon the

  6. amulya says

    i know that process b4…. any other…
    bt thanx……..

  7. manas says

    yaar koi naya tarika hai oukut khulneka to batao is also blocked

  8. ronhy says

    itis already known try something new

  9. jobinmartin says

    I didn’t know the first time I read about it.If someone comes across who doesn’t know let this help them.

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