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Vanishing NO

Just copy the codes and paste on notepad….
Save it as x.html…Open the file and
 view in mozilla or Internet Explorer

var flag = 1;
function t() {
if(flag == 1) { = “75px”; = “700px”;
if(flag == 2) { = “115px”; = “100px”;
if(flag == 3) { = “300px”; = “350px”;
flag = flag + 1;
if(flag == 4) {
flag = 1;
function al() {
alert(“No One Have The Guts To Click On ‘NO'”);
<font size=”6″>Let Me See…………………..</font>
<p><font size=”6″>Who
Have The <u>Guts</u><b> </b>To Click On “<b><u>NO</u></b>”
<p> </p>
<DIV ID=”N” STYLE=”position:absolute; left:350px;
top:300px; width:50px; height:50px;”>
<form><input type=button value=”NO” onMouseover=”t()”>
<DIV ID=”Y” STYLE=”position:absolute; left:300px; top:300px;
width:50px; height:50px;”>
<form><input type=button value=”YES” onClick=”al()”></form></DIV>

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