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Proxy software- Ultrasurf

I just came around a blog which mentions about a proxy software. It describes Ultrasurf as the best proxy software available on net. Using this software we can surf Orkut, youtube, myspace, gmail and millions of blocked sites even in countries where these sites are mass blocked( I wonder how).

But from the comments given there I guess that the proxy is a good one, and available for free download. A rapidshare link is given.

How to get going??

It’s very simple you have to just-

* download an exe file [Download Below]
* then extract it
* and run
* Set proxy if u have any (generally in offices internet are provided through proxies, you can find that, through tools>>internet options>>Connections>>LAN Settings>> there you are with proxy server for your LAN and it’s port
* Just copy that to proxy settings of Ultrasurf.
* Then a window will pop up, says some thing in Chinese, just close this window
* And open fresh internet explorer
* There you are, you can surf any information.

I haven’t tried it.

DOWNLOAD from Ultrareach

Source: underground

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26 Responses

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  1. Versatile1 says

    Hey thanks for the link.

  2. jobinmartin says

    Welcome buddy….That will really help lots of people

  3. Voltaire says

    thanks for giving us some credit.

  4. jobinmartin says

    All credit is yours

  5. Voltaire says

    I really enjoyed the puzzlehacker thing, that was a fun few minutes 😀

  6. jobinmartin says

    You solved it full??

  7. Rahul says

    it too gud…..thanks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. muted says

    thank you greatly for the link.

  9. raul says

    i tried this program but still i have problems

    there is banned sites i can’t surf it

    this is the directed page


  10. Mazhar says

    I am also facing the same problem as Raul is facing. Is there any solution for this?

  11. abhi says

    am using it fr some time but recently the service provider changed the ip to and port to 3128 and now the software doesnt wrk……..
    ny solution

  12. Nilo says

    Same problem as reported by Raul and Nazhar.

    What is http://ultra/wujie99.htm which I sometimes see instead of the web site I am looking for?

  13. Chandan says

    Try JAP. It’s a fantastic anonymizing service.

  14. venkz says

    hey my net provider uses a program by name “webcat” and blocks any proxy site or transilator sites ….

    neither your-freedom nor u.exe works…

    please help me find a solution to get out of its block..

  15. sala says

    i love xboard

  16. shanKhan says


  17. shanKhan says

  18. MAtt says

    Can I use this through a secure proxy? I’m at an institution where a login is required for the proxy filter…

  19. rashmi saini says

    i hv dwnload ultrasurf but it is not responding…..even its homepage is not opening…………….n orkut is opening with error on page plz help me out

  20. salay says

    i download this program but i have problems

    there is banned sites i can’t surf it

    this is the directed page


    how can help me????

  21. vikram says

    how can i open orkut in saudiarbia

  22. cho me says

    thanks a lot
    can get easily

  23. jibon says

    i need software

  24. sayied anwer says

    not bad

  25. sayied anwer says

    hey khajoor the ultrasurf which u have download is just link dude, just go one more time to ultrasurf free download and try it out

  26. sayied anwer says

    hey shan where are u dude now did u got job yarrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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