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Best proxy lists

Most of the readers of this blog are working in offices which are patrolled by strict administrators. The way to get past these cunning fellows is to stay updated so that you can use your favourite networking site(Orkut, facebook,myspace) in office!

best proxy
These network administrators are quite brainy. They can find out which proxies you are using programs like Kaspersky internet security. So it has become a necessity that we change proxies every day. This is where Proxy lists come to our rescue.

I have used many of this proxy lists to find good proxies which would help me fool the network administrator of our college! Use these lists to find and use the proxy of your choice.


Proxy Websites

Proxy Sites


Proxy Websites

Proxy List



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  1. mitul says

    open orkut

  2. alex chigozie says

    pls proxy i nid proxy pls

  3. hasan says


  4. mary says

    i cant access this site any more help me plz

  5. nick says is a very good proxy that isn’t blocked by school blockers. =P

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