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Useful firefox Shorcuts

Which of these firefox shortcuts do you use most? I use ctrl+enter and ctrl+n most often, even though I knew quite a few others I didnt quite use it. CTRL+TAB will prove to be useful to me to shift through the jungle of tabs I open in the same window!

CTRL+T -new tab

CRTL+N -New Window

F5 -refresh

CTRL+ L- Cursor to addressbar

CTRL+K     -Cursor to searchbox

CTRL+W – close tab

CTRL+SHIFT+T- Undo close last close tab

CTRL+ +/-  -Increase or decrease font size

CTRL+F -Find on page

CTRL+ENTER – Adds www. com

CTRL + Shift + Enter – adds


CTRL+TAB – Shifts from tab to tab

CTRL+D -To bookmark a page

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