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The Winter nights

Oh, I love these winter nights a lot.
I feel the cold all over me.
I wrap myself in woolen clothes,
Hoping that it will keep this cold away.
But it finds its way somehow,
Into the blanket and over my body.

Oh! I wish my lover was with me,
So that I could emrace her and sleep.
I can see her next to me,
Sleeping with, all the beauty on her face.

Although it is cold outside,
It is always warm inside my heart.
Because I know I am the happiest man,
In the whole world who ever lived,
Though it may last only for one day.

I love these winter nights a lot.
I like to sleep a lot these days.
I can hear the sound of rain,
And I can feel the cold wind outside.
Because it is a winter night,
And it is always supposed to be like that!

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3 Responses

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  1. MHarb says

    rly nice poem 🙂
    im trying to write poem but am sick of the usual rhymes and ideas. any help?
    can we chat ?

  2. jobinmartin says

    I just wrote the poem, and that was in a great mood to write. Since I am not a poet, how can I advice you on new rhymes! We can be friends anyway.

  3. MHarb says

    thats cool do you have a hotmail account ?

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