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Hide selected scraps in Orkut-encrypt your scraps

I have been using orkut for more than 5 years now. The greatest trouble in working with Orkut is scrap Privacy. Orkut allowed privacy for scraps only recently. But for having your scraps protected, you need to set privacy options for all scraps.

1. Allow only friends to see your scraps

2. Allow only Friends to write scrap.

This is really frustrating because, how will new friendships be formed if total strangers can’t be allowed to scrap. I think orkut would improve this option a little bit.

Orkut should have allowed privacy for selected scraps, ie If you want to post a scrap but yet don’t want the scrap visible to others, you can use this option.


How to protect the privacy of some selected scraps , without shutting down your all scrapbooks views to everyone.

If you want that only special people can catch your secret orkut scraps,try out Acryptork.

What is Acryptork
.It is cryptography for orkut which works on the data encryption program.Their is a Firefox addon based on Vegenere Cipher, which is a poly-alphabetic cipher , allowing the users to encode and decode their selected private scraps.

How does this work?

You need to install this addon then while sending scarp you encrypt your scarp with a secial keyword.So it requires the the receiver to remember a pre decided keyword.You just tell that keyword to your special one and only you both can view that secret scrap.

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