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Proxies to browse uncensored, october series

Circumventor proxies are best applied when they are used within a short period of the publication in the net. Since circumventors are published on a daily basis in the web, Network managers are also trying to block them using their programs. As always, the early bird gets the worm. So try to use the latest circumventor proxies available on this site to bypass censorship.

In this post I am listing Circumventor proxies Published in 2009 October as a single post.  Every month I will be updating the circumventors in new posts. So if you want a new circumventor, just search and find the latest or just search the archives of puzzlehacker. Happy browsing.

Use http:// or https://

You can access it with either “http” or “https” at the beginning.  If “https” is blocked, try it with “http”.  If “http” is blocked, try it with “https”.  (With “https” you will get an error about the “security certificate”, but your web browser should give you an option to ignore that error and proceed anyway)

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    Your articles are for when it absolutely, positively, needs to be understood oernvgiht.

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