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Firefox tips for Beginners

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers which I have come across.Though Firefox offers many possibilities, most of us are just ignorant of these shortcuts which Firefox have published in its home page.So I thought of organizing these favorites to build a list of shortcuts and tips for Firefox first time users.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

This basic functionality,I hope everyone knows. When text appears too tiny to read,use Ctrl+Plus to increse the font size and use Ctrl+minus to decrease the font size.

Try These Tab Tricks

Tabbed browsing helps us to open lots of webpages in just one window. Opening and closing tabs will always come handy even for a beginner.

Add Bookmarks easily

Bookmarking the webpages you like will help you recheck new content on those webpages, without having to worry about remembering the addresses of these pages. Bookmarking tool should be used with caution as a lot of bookmarks will pull you back from reading those bookmarked pages again.Using firefox we can add bookmarks easilyby clicking on the * button at the beginning of the addressbar.

Know whether the site is secure

Firefox makes it easy to determine if sites are what they say they are ? just click on the site icon for an instant identity overview.

Other Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox is full of keyboard shortcuts designed to make your life easier.Some of these shortcuts maybe more useful, and you may use it every minute! Ctrl+T is my most favorite Firefox shortcut.

There are many other shortcuts like F5 to refresh a page,Ctrl+Enter to add to any name we type on the addressbar etc.I have found many of these shortcuts very useful in my online life.

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