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How to prevent firefox from crashing again

I have been using Firefox from the time I began using internet. I love the way firefox works ,through addons and extensions. Though firefox can be a great utility for browsers and download freaks alike,it has some problems too,which can be fixed.

Firefox’s Problems

  • The main problem I have encountered with firefox is that when we add bookmarks day after day, firefox slows down and when bookmarks become unbearable to firefox it hangs and crashes.
  • I am an addon lover, every time I fins a new useful addon I add it to my firefox. Again the problem occur, firefox hangs and crashes. When the firefox is restarted, all the tabs and windows which were open at the time firefox crashed, tries to open again resulting in a further crash. Crash by crash becomes an avalanche, pulling all your valuable bookmarks and addons along with it. The only option which remains is uninstalling firefox and reinstalling it again.

Reasons for Firefox crash

  • Incompatible or Buggy Extensions
  • Buggy Plugins
  • Upgrading an Old 2.x Profile to 3.0
  • Compatibility Problems with XP
  • Video Card Drivers
  • Tablet PC Incompatibility

How can we fix these problems?

1.Run in Safe Mode

If Firefox no longer crashes while running in Safe Mode, then you know you have an issue with one of the following:

  • Plugins
  • Extensions
  • Settings
  • Profile

2.Create a New Profile (if Safe Mode Fixes Your Issue)

3.Disable Unnecessary Plugins

4.Disable Unnecessary Extensions

5.Clear Out the Caches

6.XP Users: Run Firefox in Compatibility Mode

7.Do NOT Use the Tablet PC Input Panel (or OnScreen Keyboard)

If none of these works, Backup bookmarks and saved passwords with MozBackup utility and completely uninstall firefox.Reinstall firefox.

For complete step by step method of debugging firefox visit Howtogeek

To learn more about issues with firefox, visit Mozillazine

To learn about Mozilla bus, visit Bugzilla

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