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Social media Basics-Twitter, Facebook,Digg

Social media play a great role in building our personality online. As twitter,Facebook and Digg are getting more popular anyone can collect real time data on you based on the profiles,posts you have in these social media. If the image you have developed through these media is great there is good chance to develop good business or personal contacts.

When I developed my first website, I got the support from my friends and lots of wellwishers from Orkut. Orkut played a big role in making my puzzlehacker a great success. I got a response which I never expected. These Social media played the right role in helping me build my online community and I kept improvising based on the inputs provided by the users.

At the time my first website was published, Orkut was the most popular one in India.Now, the number of people using Twitter and facebook are on the increase. This has increased the probability of getting successful.Once you have a great product to offer, the next job will be to get the publicity you need to make the product a great success.

Success will come our way once we are able to understand the way these Media work and what kind of traffic they can bring to you. I will be dealing with the basics of Twitter, Facebook and Digg and will go on to research more on the subject, so that anyone reading these posts will get a general idea.

Come back to know about what I have learned these days and how you can benefit from these

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