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Use in your preferred language in orkut,gmail

Some features in gmail and orkut are under utilized,preferred language setting is one of those. Using Indian languages in emails can be a new and wonderful experience, especially while conversing with family members and relatives. I was ignorant of this function even though it appeared on the upper left hand side of  compose message.

Just type in English and gmail will automatically translate it into your preferred language. Since malayalam is my mothertongue, I use malayalam in my emails. I just have to type in english ie Manglish and I get a neat malayalam output from gmail.

How to switch between english and your language

When I started using malayalam, I had a doubt, how to revert back to english while composing a mail?

I got the answer soon enough

Use Ctrl+G

Using Ctrl+G helps you toggle between English and your language, in my case Malayalam.

This tool has improved my productivity and my emails are more personalized now.Hope this tip helps you a lot too.This tip also works in Orkut, iGoogle,Blogger.

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