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Gmail Security tips from Google blog

Gmail is the most widely used email provider all over the world. As emails are widely used as a means of communication in business and personal levels, security of email accounts become the highest priority.

Google blog has described some security tips for Gmail.

1.Remember to sign out.

2.clear the browser’s cache, cookies and history, especially if you are using a public computer.

3.completely close the browser.

4.If you forgot to sign out, Open up a new Gmail session on another computer and use Gmail’s remote sign out feature to close any sessions that might still be open elsewhere.

5.Don’t  send  sensitive information via email,like credit card numbers, social security numbers etc.

6. Enable “Always use HTTPS.HTTPS is used to encrypt data as it is transmitted between computers on the Internet, so look for the “https” in the URL bar of your browser to make sure that the connection between your computer and Gmail’s servers is encrypted.HTTPS can make your mail slower,but safety comes first so it is better using HTTPS.Open Settings and choose “Always use HTTPS” on the General tab if you want to turn it on.

7. Be wary of unexpected attachments.

8.Make sure your account recovery information is up-to-date.

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