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Orkut tips to protect your privacy

Orkut can be a tricky playground, where rules can beĀ  bent and broken just as a small twig is broken. The privacy barriers set by you can be broken in no time by a seasoned criminal.Some of the tricks used by a hacker can be complicated, some other tricks are just simple.

I have seen tips on many websites providing information on breaking orkut rules, improving scraps etc.

Security features

Orkut offers many security features, best of them are scrap privacy,album privacy.

Allowing only friends to visit your scrapbook is the best feature, because criminals can work better if they know you better through your scraps. Photo albums can be made private or public. The best method is to selectively allow albums to be viewed as per privacy requirement.You can select friends one by one or allow or friends to view your album. Allowing select friends is a better feature because we can select people whom we personally know and whose accounts are authentic.

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