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Tips on writing a good Email

This is a very brief post on writing a good email

Keep your “TO” list small

If you want to send emails to a lot of friends at once, use CC and Bcc. Bcc(Blind Carbon copy) is a better idea as the reader cant see other recepients

Use Simple language

You can also use your mother tongue, eg:Malayalam by selecting preferred language in gmail

Size and Italics

Use appropriate sizes and italics to Highlight important details


Use color to make readers notice.


REMEMBER to clear the long list of previous recepients before forwarding  an email

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2 Responses

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  1. Sourav Chakraborty says

    1> Don’t forward chain mails which threaten you or promise you luck etc.

    2> If you get such a mail, see step 1.

  2. Jobin Martin says

    Hi Sourav

    Thanks for participating in the discussion. What is your actual email address, I would like to contact you.

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