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Arrange your Gmail inbox by using Create a filter.

When the number of messages in our inboxes grow day by day, arranging these email messages in an orderly manner can be a cumbersome task.Creating a filter to arrange your messages in order can be a great idea. A filter will automate your work and save a lot of time.

Steps in creating a Gmail filter

1.Click on  create a  filter button on the right of search bar in gmail.

2.Enter search criteria for filtering messages.

3.Choose an action.

4.Apply to older messages also.

You can choose from any of the above options, ie archive the message, star it, Apply label, delete it or forward it to another email address.Using this method the clutter in my inbox has been avoided to some extent. The thing to remember is, don’t forget to visit archived emails, as some of them may be important to you.

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  1. scrubly says

    Just added this filter and it has worked wonders

  2. Jobin Martin says

    Gmail filters help you to filter the useless from the useful.

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