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Hunch guesses your thoughts via Twitter

A lot of new applications have grown along and around twitter. Twitter has become four years old now, and the number of applications depending on twitter is steadily on the rise.Now a program has been launched which can predict the answers you would give ,when asked specific questions. Hunch’s twitter predictor game has been found to be a huge success as it is able to predict your answers most of the time.The game asks you to put in your Twitter user name and based on who you follow and who you are followed by, it predicts how you will answer questions on Hunch.

Out of 35 questions I answer, Hunch correctly predicted by my answer to 30 of them and I was wrong only with 5 questions.These aren’t just “yes” or “no” question, some have several possible answers.  The “take a peek” link, tells you before you answer the question how you’re going to answer it.

The predictor made by new Hunch employee Ben Gleitzman  is very accurate. So why don’t you try out this awesome Twitter predictor game and have some fun.


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