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Best Free Antivirus software to secure your PC

For someone looking to ensure protection for their PC or Laptop, free antivirus softwares are a boon as they help to ensure protection free of cost. New Virus and malware gets released day by day, our PC’s need to be able to tackle the challenge.So the best free antivirus will be a program which updates one’s a day or every time a user logs in without being prompted to do so.

AVG Free Antivirus

One of the most downloaded free antivirus programs, easy to install, auto updates, reliable protection. The latest version is AVG free edition 9.0. AVG is the most downloaded free antivirus worldwide. AVG antivirus free edition also has antispyware incorporated along with the antivirus.The link scanner is a new utility which helps to detect threats in the form of links.Along with the free antivirus AVG also offers AVG antivirus 9.0 and AVG internet security.

Download AVG FREE antivirus

Avira Antivirus Personal

Avira antivirus is a free antimalware and antivirus app that  runs in your system’s background.It is a combination of antimalware with the antivirus. Avira allows us to do custom scan, scan rootkits, or do a pre-loaded scan.The scan stops in the middle to let you know of  threat, so someone should be available everytime a virus shows up to kill it and proceed.

Download Avira

Avast free antivirus

The editors at CNET have given a very high rating for Avast antivirus.Avast antivirus automatically updates as we log on to the internet.It also gives audible messages,so that we don’t have to watch the screen everytime Avast is running.I have used Avast Antivirus for quite some time.I was so happy that Avast caught every Virus that infested my PC,because I got a virus warning every time I started my system. I kept on deleting the viruses which infested my win32 files. Little did I know that I was deleting some of my win32 files too. Soon I began getting error messages and my system began running too slow.Though I was happy that Avast caught so many viruses, it didn’t do any good for me, I had to reformat my PC.I lost all the info in Drive C and hence I have installed Mcafee though it doesn’t capture viruses every now and then, I am happy that my system works well!

Download Avast Free Version

Mcafee Free Antivirus

Mcafee offers a whole lot of virus removal tools free of charge. I have been using Mcafee virus scan recently and I am satisfied with it because it doesn’t slow down my system as most other antiviruses do. The only problem I face is that, I have to manually setup and download the update files,so if I forget a day to download the update files, it doesn’t update. Excluding this, I am happy with Mcafee.

Download Mcafee freescan

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  1. kun lee says

    🙂 hi jobin! nice article ,however i had a good recomendation im using Zenok Free Antivirus is a really good anti virus keep my computer safe all the time ill be using for 2 years and works perfect 🙄 chek it

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