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Aarvark find answers for you in minutes.

While I was checking for new Google applications and programs, I came across Aardvark which Google had acquired last year. When I checked out their website, I instantly fell in love with their webdesign and layout, since I could login with my facebook ID, I just decided to try it out. When I asked a question, I got 3 answers in 3 minutes and when I wanted clarifications, I got them instantaneously. I had tried out some sites like, yahoo answers and earlier, but I didn’t find this ease of navigation and the flood of answers there.

How it works

When a person asks a question in Aardvark, it is circulated among members by the Aardvark bot. The bot asks questions via Google chat messenger too if you are logged in.If you are interested in giving an answer, type the answer right in the message box  and it gets delivered to the guy who asked the question.

Checkout the Aardvark site to find answers with ease.

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