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Print selected parts of webpages with printwhatyoulike. is a website  which helps us to print a webpage by selecting desired parts and clipping out the unwanted parts.This online tool helps you to edit webpages and print them at ease without using any desktop software.

All you have to do is, enter the website in the space provided,the webpage opens in printwhatyoulike, select the required portions and print.The website also helps in making your website printer friendly by adding the printwhatyoulike button to your webpage.If you are a blogger,you can add the printwhatyoulike button to your webpages to make the webpages more printer friendly.

Checkout PRINTWHATYOULIKE to learn more about this freeware.If you like to edit webpages and print them with a firefox addon, read more about the Print Edit addon for firefox.

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  1. Reid Rosario says

    What an engaging article. Kudos. Exactly how do you seem to drive away all of the spammers? Several other posts are generally overflowing with spammy comments.

  2. Jobin Martin says

    Askimet protects this blog.

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