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Searching for the perfect Cellphone tracking device.

One month back one of my friends enquired about a cellphone tracking device which would help to find the location of any person based on the cellphone tower. The police and other law enforcement agencies frequently use mobile tracking to find the location of criminals.

How it works

Cellphones frequently ping the closest cellphone tower at regular intervals.Mobile phone service providers can check where these pigs arise from and accurately locate the position of the user.

Fortunately or unfortunately common man has no access to this service.I think it is better to keep it out of bounds from the public, because it will hamper our privacy.

Though I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I could find a lot of good services which helped to unveil the service providers just by the input of a cellphone number,a funny applications,installable applications which tracks cellphones,tracking cellphone with google latitude and a lot of similar methods.

I would like to post these methods as another post, meanwhile you can find these methods just by simple google search.

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3 Responses

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  1. Calgary SEO says

    Tracking devices such as this would really help authorities in finding criminals. In addition, cheater and other bad persona may also be caught. On the other hand, no one still provides the best service of this field since other are common with each privacy

  2. Jobin Martin says

    Finding the location of a person by using his/her mobile number is still not accessible to the common public.The law enforcement authorities still hold the monopoly in this field.It is beneficial since such a device would provide a way to encroach into our privacy.

  3. Sourav Chakraborty says

    Only law enforcement agencies can order the telecom operators to locate a mobile phone. It would be a real breach of privacy and open to rampant misuse by miscreants and criminals if it were open to all information.

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