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Top 40 Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2010

Google Adsense keywords have been very important for every publisher who depends on Google Adsense for advertising revenue.I have been using Adsense for quite some time now, but I didn’t concentrate much on Adsense keywords.Keywords bring in more traffic and more revenue.I will be reviewing my approach and focusing on important keywords and tags while posting content.

Google keyword play a major role to convert click into paying revenue.Most of the high paying keyword mainly happen on loan, lawyer and law industry which convert pretty rewardable Adsense income. If you plan to gain more earning with Adsense, is advisable to write something related on those high paying keyword which possibility to convert high per click payout. Here is the list of updated high paying keyword 2010 to allow you to maximize your adsense earning if you use it in your articles content.

Google Keyword Max CPC ($):

1. mesothelimoa 99.44

2. buy structured settlements 79.01

3. chicago personal injury lawyer 78.30

4. asbestos law suits 78.10

5. conference calling companies 75.29

6. chicago personal injury attorney 73.10

7. annuity loans 72.82

8. pop up display booths 72.53

9. lasik new york city 69.17

10. purchasing structured settlement 68.79

11. student loan debt consolidation 68.54

12. asbestos law firm 67.97

13. secured loans 67.57

14. new york personal injury lawyer 64.27

15. new jersey car insurance 64.17

16. new york personal injury attorney 63.10

17. chicago personal injury lawyers 61.64

18. mesothelioma lawyers 61.17

19. atlanta personal injury lawyer 60.74

20. new york personal injury lawyers 60.29

21. lasik dallas 59.00

22. new york personal injury lawyers 58.68

23. miami personal injury attorney 58.38

24. what is mesothelioma 58.25

25. best equity loan 58.08

26. lasik new york 57.95

27. whole life insurance quote 56.88

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28. new york car insurance 56.75

29. whole life insurance quotes 53.46

30. car insurance in new jersey 53.42

31. las vegas personal injury lawyer 53.12

32. term life insurance quotes 53.12

33. mesothelioma treatments 52.57

34. equity loan rate 52.41

35. equity loan 51.78

36. new york personal injury lawyer 51.50

37. equity loan rates 51.29

38. fixed rate equity loan 51.15

39. causes of mesothelioma 50.54

40. los angeles botox 45.33

via Top 40 Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2010 | Webupon.

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  1. seattle says

    Some of these key words were surprising to me. I have just recently taken to researching Ad Sense so this was really informative.

  2. Jobin Martin says

    I got this info from the webupon blog, the credit goes to them.

  3. Learn hacking says

    How can i change my adsense keywords

  4. Jobin Martin says

    Use these keywords in your blogposts.Try to use these keywords regularly, if your blog is related to these keywords.If your blog is not related, find better adsense keywords suiting your blog.

  5. alex says

    I have same question learn hacking.

  6. Staffing Supplier says

    Most of the words are related to Money, shows how much people care and think about Money and Financial matters.

  7. Jobin Martin says

    Hi Alex

    I had the same question years back

  8. Jobin Martin says

    Money is central to human existence, without money a man has no power. So earning money becomes one of the core yearnings in the mind of every human being.

  9. Graphic Design Cleveland says

    Pretty interesting find, thanks for posting.

  10. Samsung Wave Themes says

    Interesting, who in the world would pay almost 100$ for only one click!?

  11. Cabinets says

    Wow that is a surprising list. Thanks for posting this!

  12. Jobin Martin says

    A Hospital would pay, since the conversion rates of these clicks will be very high.A surgery/treatment will give them thousands of dollars, so paying that high doesn’t matter for those guys..

  13. Sourav Chakraborty says

    ‘Asbestos Law Suits’ was most surprising to me. What is it and how can it be top paying keyword??

  14. Robert jackson says

    very nice post. thanks for this.
    Robert jackson´s last [type] ..Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas Cheats Codes

  15. Gustavo @ Cool Gadgets says

    How do you do it to find high paying adsense keywords?
    Gustavo @ Cool Gadgets´s last [type] ..Motorola Has Three Android Smartphones in Progress

  16. Buy Media says

    Thanks for giving information.It is really useful for seo.From this I have learn so many keywords.

  17. Majid Khan says

    very good site for helping searching earning pay keywords in good adsense and very good information of this site and improve our blog or website keyword and improve our income. Free Online Money

  18. Jobin Martin says

    Welcome Majid.

  19. Indian Prices says

    very nice post. thanks for this.

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