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Use wolframalpha for doing complex calculations online

Wolframalpha is a computational knowledge engine which helps in doing complex calculations.It works by translating word inputs into mathematical symbols and doing the calculations. It does great job for guys like me who have stopped using mathematical calculations since graduation.

I tested Wolframalpha by converting 1Cent to square meters, it gave accurate results.I didn’t give the value as length but it still guessed right as Indian Cent and converted to square meters. It was great because I thought the software would take cent as American cent and would give an incorrect calculation, but the software came out victorious by giving the correct answer.

I would recommend this website to anyone who has to do complex calculations within short time frame.

Checkout Wolframalpha “the computational knowledge engine”.

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  1. Sourav Chakraborty says

    I love how WA visualizes complex relations in a family tree. For example, search for wife’s brother’s grandma’s cousin’s nephew and see what you should call him.

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