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How to make your facebook profile picture stay on top of facebook like gadget.

One day while I was surfing through, I saw a familiar face. It was one of my friends on facebook like gadget. On the next day too he was there, but there were much more likes on the website. Conventionally this guy should go down and disappear from the list, but he was still the first one. When I thought I could easily find out how this guy did the trick.So I tried it with my facebook profile and worked fine.

Some guys are just so crazy about certain things that, when his/her name or picture appears on a website day after day, they would be too happy. So I have decided to share this little trick, which maybe known to some of you guys, but it is still worth a try.

1. Go to the website you would like to play this trick on(In my case

2.Look for the Facebook Like gadget( On it is on the middle of right sidebar)

3. Check whether you have already liked this website(  I had already liked this website,but my friend annu was on the top of the list)

4.If you have not liked it, click on like and your facebook profile pic will be displayed first in the list.

5.If you have already liked the website,click on the link and go  to the Facebook page.

6.Click on the unlike button on bottom left corner of facebook page.

7.Go to the website and refresh the site.

8.The Like button appears again,click on it, your pic appears first.

In this test my name and profile pic has appeared first in the Facebook like gadget. If you wish to be seen all over the world, at no expense try this trick!

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7 Responses

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  1. Best PC Utilities says

    lol? Anyway it’s a good idea to expose your face to visitors esp. high traffic blog. Good idea haha.
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  2. Jobin Martin says

    Yes,it appears silly, but there are many people out there who thrive on publicity!

  3. Savda says

    Now I show the easy way and fast:

    when you already like a website, a like button become dark so you can not click on it, but you can see × symbol on it, so you can click on it to unlike, then like button become blue again, then you can click like button again….

    but this take a little time to do it every day, now I try to find the easiest way to auto like and unlike…I will share with u when I can find it..

  4. Savda says

    Oh sorry! the above is wrong, you can not see the × symbol until you move your mouse pointer over the tick symbol near the word like. when the × symbol appeared you can click on it to unlike.

  5. Jobin Martin says

    Indeed it is great to see our faces on a high traffic blog!

  6. dev says

    below is the code to get the same as the
    ADD your facebook page where “YOURFACEBOOKPAGELINK
    ‘ is there in the code

    dev´s last [type] ..ஒரு பட டிக்கெட் வாங்கினால் ,ஒரு பட டிக்கெட் இலவசம்.

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