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The easiest way to reduce size of an image without complex image editors.

You may have come across situations where you need to reduce the size of an image to send it over the internet. Have you ever had to face a situation where you didn’t have access to any software other than MS paint and still do the work(reduce the size of image). This is a very handy tip which has helped me shrink images without any software other than MS paint.

This is how we do it:

1. Open the image in any image viewer.

2.Press print screen.

3. Open MS paint,paste the image.

4. Cut away the unwanted portions(the image viewer sidebars)

5.Save image in JPEG format.

This is the easiest way to shrink images. This doesn’t work if the pixel size of the image is too large to fix within the computer screen.

This tutorial is for beginners, if you already know this tip or have another wonderful tip to share please do leave a comment.

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10 Responses

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  1. Matt says

    This is a good tip to pass onto clients actually. Most people don’t graphics editors but nearly everybody has Word. Great tip!
    Matt´s last [type] ..Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

  2. Sandy says

    hmmm… its best to open the pic in ms paint directly, and click on the image shrinking option [that option is there in paint :)]… [either by pixels or percentage]

  3. ella says

    Great tip! i never thought of this one before… now it would be easier for me to resize my pics!
    ella´s last [type] ..100 FREE DATING SITES

  4. Mars Lachey says

    I know basic Photoshop but when it comes to reducing the size of an image, MS Paint is my favorite tool ever since. It’s quick and easy.
    Mars Lachey´s last [type] ..The Secret Formula for Succesful Dating (Men)

  5. Jobin Martin says

    The easiest way for a beginner to reduce the size of an image is MS paint.Thanks for the comment.

  6. Jobin Martin says

    Hope it helps.

  7. Jobin Martin says

    Shrinking image using the reduce pixels option can shrink your picture without reducing the size(in KB) of the image.So print screen seems to be a better option.

  8. Jobin Martin says

    welcome Matt, you will love the simplicity of MS paint

  9. Dennis Robert says

    I use a 630KB software named ‘Advanced JPEG Compressor’ for reducing the size of the images. I am using the version 4.8 for the last 4-5 years. 🙂 And it works like a charm.

  10. Jobin Martin says

    Thanks Dennis, this suggestion qualifies for another post!

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