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Use Facebook facepile,like,comments and other plugins to juice up your blog.

While surfing through my reading list, I keep my eyes open for potential opportunities to make Techpiper  more interesting. So every now and then, I spot some good applications, wordpress plugins etc which would help me manage this blog better. Yesterday while I was surfing through a blog(  cricket gossip), I came across this utility which enabled facebook comments on the blogpost. Every comment was displayed as a list. This was an interesting plugin, so I thought to try it out, and to my amazement, it has made techpiper a lot more lively.

This is how we are going to do it:

1. Visit facebook developers social plugins page

2.Click on any one of these links to create your plugin(eg:comments)

3. Enter the desired characteristics in specified boxes.

4.Facebook shows how the plugin will look like on your blog.

5. Insert the code on the desired portion of your blog,facebook starts working on your blog.

6. Since I am not very adept at the designing part, I use the Quick Adsense plugin to insert codes into different parts of my blog at ease.You can try it out, it is free and makes blogging easy.

I have used like box, comments and live stream on my blog, and I am sure these plugins have made my blog lot more interesting(though I am waiting for the first comment!)

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