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How wordpress plugins can fool you, and how to stay secure.


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  • Do you install wordpress Plug In’s which you get for free?
  • Do you Just activate it and leave it there planning to modify it with your codes later?
  • Are you too lazy? Better watch out for the worst.

See my part of the story:

I downloaded a Plugin, Adsense Injection from a reputed site,installed it. Since I was too tired that day, I decided to work on it later. I forgot the whole matter on the next day,and the day after that.I was just checking out my adsense earnings. I was astonished to see that, I was making no revenue all these days. Even though my site doesn’t attract a large gathering, I had a few clicks each day.But from the day I installed the Adsense Injection(Remember I didn’t put in my codes)my earnings dropped to near zero. I had to Investigate.

While I was visiting a friend, I decided to show him my Blog.What greeted me was a whole lot of advertisements.My friend was not impressed,and I didn’t understand the reason for the crowding of advertisements in my blog. I realised how, I was losing my visitors every day. I tried editing my posts, so and so,but the problem persisted. I was getting exhausted,I had failed to find out the cause.Just then a my memory flashed,I remeber it all, installing the plugin,activating the plugin.I deactivated all adsense related plugins I had installed. The problem was solved.

What happened?

On installing a plugin we have downloaded from a website, we are installing their advertisements (Which are set as default) into our site.If you have a real bad memory or if you have javascript disabled, you will be in real trouble, because these ads won’t show up in your PC  but will be visible elsewhere(where Javascript is not blocked).I appreciate the work done by the developers, who have made blogging a lot more easier with their plugins, but I think ave the duty to tell the users about the default settings too. I will be more careful when installing the plugins from now on….

PS: I have downloaded many themes and plugins for my blog,most of them come with preloaded ads.I am currently running a theme created by Doshdosh and the wrong advices.I am happy with the theme(They too had advertisements filled in,but I ran the advertisements for a few days, as a way to thank them for their goodwill.).

Thanks to everyone who have taken pain to create new plugins and give it out for free.

This is an old post(Posted on Sept 13 2007,in my old technology blog).Some of my posts were lost when I forgot to backup files.I have recovered some of those files and hence posting it here.

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