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5 reasons why facebook is better than google plus.

Google is trying its trying hard to keep up with the giants in the social media space. Before the rise of Facebook, myspace and Orkut ruled. Orkut was the first social network in which I was a member, and it was just doing fine when Facebook came on board and Orkut began to sink.

Google has tried Google Buzz,Google wave and the last one in the list is Goolge plus.These are some of the drawbacks I find in Googleplus in comparison with Facebook,and I have added some simple suggestions at the end of each point.

A comparison between Google plus and Facebook:


1.The address is better than

Which is easier to type, or ? Definitely it is, so Google has failed in the first step itself. I would love typing to reach google plus and dread typing for the same outcome.

Suggestion:Change the address to

2.I would rather post public than in private

The reason for the great success of Facebook :You can be a rockstar on facebook. Write something worth “liking” and you will get numerous likes, and great comments from admirers who are not even your friends. The feeling of being admired,liked, commented on that is the driving force behind the success of facebook.

Suggestion: Make googleplus circles optional.

3.The Red notification icons on facebook

What is the first thing you look for after logging into facebook? Isn’t it the top left corner of your homepage,where you can see the notifications,private messages and friend requests. This red facebook notifications are the rewards facebook provides to each user. This is the reason why people log on to facebook every other minute, to see the red notification icons and reflect on the fact:How famous I am!

Google has added some notfications too,but it isn’t drawing much attention because

1.They are not in Red

2.There is no indication regarding the number of notifications

Suggestion: Add Red notifications and update them regularly!

4.I like to share links  on my wall rather than in a separate section.

When I read interesting news articles and share them with my friends ,they appreciate me for sharing it on facebook.But when I +1, where do they get shared? I don’t see it on my wall(stream)

Suggestion:I want to see the links I +1 and see how people admire them.

5.I don’t have time to group people into categories.

One of the most tedious tasks every user has to face on joining Google plus is to group people into Friends,Family,Acquaintance or following. You get hundreds of suggestions and grouping these people can be tedious too. Google plus strategy is simple, they launched this social network for people who want privacy and since people don’t have time to add friends by request they suggest people to you.Some of these people may not be even remotely known to you.So in the name of respecting privacy Google plus is making people into sorters! Why don’t they just get rid of the privacy thing and just have friends/not friends!

Suggestion: Merge Friend,family,acquaintance,following into Friends

I wish to see Googleplus in the place currently occupied by Facebook in the near future, because I love the work done by Google in promoting knowledge and appreciate the freebies  from Google.

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