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Free Facebook Tshirt, the latest facebook scam.

Facebook scams have been making rounds since the inception of Facebook. The latest one is so tempting that you may accidentally click on it out of curiosity. The awesome free FB tshirt is so tempting that youngsters are falling prey to this scam in large numbers.I came across this latest FB Tshirt scam on my wall,posted by one of those friends who usually don’t click on silly scams.Maybe this one is more tempting, because a free tshirt from FB is not an impossible one.Once you click on the link, it gets posted automatically to your wall and will be displayed to all your facebook friends.

Here is a screenshot from my wall.Though this seems to be a harmless scam, it can be really annoying to see this offer of free FB Tshirt yet unable to click on it!

Awesome Free Facebook Tshirt Scam

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