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How to modify Facebook chat settings for better privacy.

Facebook chat can be a great hindrance to online productivity. Each time you log in to facebook you will find hundreds of friends online, and some of them may bother to say hi .Some guys may take a whole day to get convinced that you are really busy. So finding a way to weed out these chat obsessed people can be tiresome.

Given below is a step by step process to set chat options in Facebook:

1.To avoid all chat requests on facebook chat.

  1. Click on the settings button on top of the chat window
  2. click on Available to chat.
  3. Now you enter the offline mode,until you are curious enough to click on the chat window again!

2.To avoid a few troublesome people on Facebook chat.

  1. Click on the settings on chat window.
  2. Choose the option Limit availability
  3. Choose make me unavailable to and check the box Limited profile.
  4. Make a Facebook list and add those friends whom you wish to avoid into this list.Now you can avoid these guys on chat.

3.To chat with a few people on Facebook chat

If you want to be unavailable to the majority of people on Facebook chat but want to chat with a few of your friends

  1. Click on chat settings and select limit availability.
  2. Choose make me available to limited profile.
  3. Make a list of friends you want to chat with and add them to this profile.
  4. Choose this profile and you will be able to chat with these select group of friends on FB chat.

Using these Facebook chat settings options, you can surf or work without interruption without logging off from Facebook.

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  1. sujatha sathya says

    this was very helpful. thanks for sharing
    i was having the same prob but didnt know what to do.
    as soon as i read this post,i logged onto FB & completed the steps 😛
    sujatha sathya´s last [type] ..15 Minutes of Fame

  2. erias haruna klaus says

    😯 😮 🙂

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