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How to send free international SMS with Facebook

Sending an International SMS can be a costly affair,because no free sms sites offer free International sms. I searched extensively and found out that even those sites which offered free international sms, would just show up an error message on trying to send sms to an international phone number.So the simplest way seems to be with Facebook,which provides us with free sms updates, which can be customized to update us with sms each time someone messages you on Facebook.

Tutorial to send free International SMS with Facebook

Step 1:Log in to Facebook ,open account settings

Step 2:Open mobile settings and add a phone

Step 3:Choose a mobile service provider

Click on add your phone number link and add a new phone number.This step adds a new cellphone number, which will link your Facebook account with your cellphone


Step 4:Activate Facebook texts by sending SMS to the number specified

Step 5:Choose the timing of updates

I chose the option :text me whenever someone messages me, so that I would get an SMS as soon as someone messages me in facebook.

Step 6:Ask your international friend/relative to activate Facebook texts

This is perhaps one of the very important steps.Once you have completed the six steps, you can send and receive sms via Facebook.You can customize this in two ways.

Send sms via PC and receive message on Cellphone

To send an sms to your friend, you just need to message in facebook and he/she will receive it on his/her cellphone.They can also send sms to you in the same manner.This method will not cost you a even single penny.

Send sms via mobile internet.

Use your cellphone which has internet capability to send message in on your cellphone as SMS.

Send and receive sms via cellphone

Another option is to wait to receive an sms from your international friend and then reply via your mobile to the Facebook number.This method will just cost as low as your local sms rates.So sending an international sms has now become as easy as sending a local sms at very affordable rates.

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