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Mobile Broadband: Simplifying Online Connectivity On The Move

With a new and fantastic concept, mobile broadband has been the fastest growing industry over the years. But as more number of people is relying on the mobile broadband for their internet connection it has become very important to get a strong signal. Without great speed and accessibility you cannot enjoy the benefits of the broadband service. I have accumulated a few tips for my readers for getting a better signal so that you can take maximum advantage of this new technology. Let’s have a look at the simple tips:

1.    A Bit of Research Is Required Before You Buy: Always research mobile coverage in the areas you will be accessing the mobile internet (includes mainly your workplace and the area you reside). Use 3G mobile phones for checking the signal strength of 3G. Visit the website of the mobile operator for checking the coverage maps for HSPA and 3G (Mobile Broadband).

2.    Avoid usage during peak hours: Avoiding the peak hours will help you in getting a faster speed while you access the mobile internet.

3.    Use the Latest Firmware: For the modem, always use the latest firmware. This helps in providing an improved performance. You can get the firmware from the mobile network operator or any modem manufacturer. Be aware of one thing – there is always a risk of permanent damage of the modem at the time of upgrading firewall.

4.    Avoid Falling Backwards: If you do not have a 3G signal available the modem seems to fall back to a 2G connection, which is much slower. It also happens that the connection does not go back to 3G once when it is available again. In this case, first disconnect and then reconnect your connection and you will get back the modem on 3G connection.

5.    Image Compression Should Be Enabled: Compressing an image lowers their quality and even reduce their size. This means you can download them faster. You can enable the image compression through connection manager software or even contacting directly the network.

6.    Optimize your web browser: You can make configuration changes in your preferred browser. This helps in improving the browsing speed. You can optimize your browser by either increasing cache level or preventing loading of pop-ups or even disabling scripts (Javascript, Flash etc) from automatically running.

With the extensive use of Smartphone, most people usually prefer using internet on their phones. Following tips are for those who make use of internet on their phones. These will help you in case if you have signal problems. Take a look:

  • Sit near a window.
  • Use your phones in different rooms as possible, as signal strength varies in different rooms as it depends on the thickness of the walls.
  • Switch off and on the phone back to get a better signal.
  • Make sure the battery life of your phone is strong. This can affect the signal strength.

Few phones are better when it comes to picking up network signals. But the above tips will help you to have greater accessibility to internet in your phone.

 Author Bio

Erika Jonathon is a freelance content writer by profession. She finds immense pleasure in writing technology related article including Verizon internet.

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