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Read your favorite books online for free using Goodreads.

I used to read a lot of books during my school days.My father taught in the school where I studied, being an ardent reader himself, he used to bring a lot of books from the school library. I read many novels during that time. As I went to college, my reading habits took a hit . Getting good books was not an impossible task, but I couldn’t find the time needed to go to a public library for reading.The medical books which I had to learn offered great reading opportunity.As I graduated, and got some free time to read, I began searching for places to find good books to read. Purchasing these books were not at all an option as good books were too costly for me to afford.

As I spend most of my free time online, an online service which offers books for free was my dream. I checked out a few like, etc. Since dailylit sent me the books as installments to my feed reader, I had to wait several days to finish a book.Dailylit may suit readers who have very little to spare, those who have patience to wait several days to finish a book.Since I like to read and finish a book within a week, this method didn’t suit me, so my quest for the best free online book service continued.

A friend of mine recommended to me.When I logged in, I found lots of free books available in and PDF formats.And the best part was that the books were free for download. I could also read the books online during my spare time. This service will surely benefit a lot of people who spend most of their time online and would like to read a book in between their work.I would gladly recommend goodreads to my friends and readers of this blog who are searching for good books to read online.

Goodreads have proven that the best things in life are free.Start reading books online without having to spend a dime to buy a membership, improve your knowledge and skills.

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