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Train locating service for Indian railway

If you are a regular traveler on the Indian railway,you may know the difficulties one face while travelling on Indian railway.Most of the trains will be running late, so you may have to wait hours for the train to arrive.If you travel daily, you may be able to adjust your time.But if you are an irregular traveler who travels on Indian railway once in a month or once in two months,you are at risk of losing a lot of your time and your patience too!

So is there any other service other than the computer service at the Railway stations to help you with the task of locating the train which is en route to your station?

The simplest solution to your problem is to call the railway station and inquire whether the train is running late.Most of the time, your call may not be answered and even if it is answered, you won’t get enough time to ask your doubts! It maybe because the railways are understaffed, but you may have to check out other methods to know the train position.

Some websites offer train locating services for Indian railway.

1. Use website to locate your train is a simple website which helps you to locate the current position of your train.Just enter the train name or train number and get the information regarding whether the train is running late or not, the last station where the train was spotted etc. website for train running time and booking status is a great website offering a lot of services like train running time, train booking status etc.You can have a googlechrome or firefox addon which will help you to easily access the website.

3.Find train timings to Sabarimala with website is the website which offers information regarding train timings to Kerala hindu pilgrim center Sabarimala.This website is very well maintained and offers great service to Sabarimala pilgrims with their accurate display of train timings and  a Google map showing the location of the trains and covers 3 main railway stations leading to Sabarimala.

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