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Hi, I am Dr.Jobin Martin Sebastian, and I write techpiper blog. 25 year old,Medicine Graduate from Kerala, writes about interesting websites, free downloads, browsing without censorship and about social media tips.I wrote techmartini blog before and we have shifted here. Started this blog when I needed to store some of the discoveries which I could use in the future, also that I could share it with everyone else.

Started my online adventure with puzzlehacker, which is an online chain riddle.Wrote Techmartini and now starting with techpiper.

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  1. Jojo Joson says

    quiet good (or interesting ?) to see a doc here 🙂

  2. Jobin Martin says

    Hi Jojo,

    Welcome to Techpiper.Actually my field of interest lies scattered among stocks,internet and medicine.Interest of each of these waxes and wanes during specific periods. I had a blog which had wider audience but couldn’t renew in time, so shifted to this blog.Join google friendconnect too.

    Hope to see you again here

    Jobin Martin

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