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After you set up a blog with decent traffic(sometimes even before starting the blog), the first thing which crosses your mind is, which are the best pay per click programs which provide you the income you desire.Though there are many PPC programs, many are still to prove their credibility.Big blog publishers in their blogs,recommend certain PPC programs which may only benefit them(by getting them some referral income). I never see any of
those much hyped blog publishers help anyone out other than themselves.Though most of their posts are informative,
they always  put in some crap there, which will be absolutely at their best interests not ours. Best PPC campaigns are the most earning, hassle free and good customer care.

Google Adsense review

Google Adsense best in the field of PPC advertising. The first one I tried as a blogger.Though I liked to publish on the web,I didn’t know how to earn from it. It was accidentally that I stepped on Google Adsense for Publishers.I registered with a blogspot domain and was approved within 1 week.I personally favour Adsense as the best PPC program because

1.Most suitable for a beginner.

Google Adsense allows almost all websites with non offensive content,even those just started today with a few posts.

2. Payment by check

Most of the beginners, especially non -US , won’t be having a pay pal or online transfer account(I didn’t have one when I started).Payment by check suites blog publishers who are new,provided they have a bank account.

3.Best earnings from every single click.

As a beginner, you will not be having much traffic, so you would want best payments for each click you recieve.Google has the best earnings per click.
4. Excellent reporting.

Most other PPC programs have a problem,their reporting is not good,you may have to wait hours or even one day before you see the results.Google Adsense provides you the best reporting system,with every click accounted.

5.Any number of websites allowed.

You can publish Adsense Ad’s in any blog/website which meets Adsense’s program policy.This is a good deal
because most other PPC programs allows only one website first and to publish into another Website/blog you need their approval. You will have to wait another week to get their approval for that!.

5.Everything in single basket.

Using Adsense, you can earn in more than one way. These different methods suites every publisher in the world.Earnings using these methods also lies in the top range.

  • Text and image ads
  • Link ads
  • Google websearch/ Site content search.
  • Referrals.
  • Adsense for mobile content.
  • Adsense for feeds ( Feedburner lets you place Adsense ad’s in your feeds too!)

I received my first check in a few months, and ever since I have been earning with Adsense. For a part time blogger, Adsense is the best
PPC program available.

Some tips for beginners to get Started.

1. When you are signing up for Google Adsense.

a. Use a blogspot/blogger domain when you register for the Adsense account.

Since blogger is a blogging program sponsored by google, they will allow almost any publisher registering with a blogger domain,provided
they have a few posts.

b. Wait two weeks after blog launch before applying for Adsense.

After you start a blog, don’t just jump and apply for an Adsense account. Wait a few days,a eek or two before applying.Because your chances
of being approved are more if you have been publishing for some time.

c. Have minimum fifteen posts.

You should have minimum fifteen posts(ideally) before applying for adsense and these posts should not be copy pasted from another website.
Your content must be unique( For atleast the first fifteen posts).Posts should have minimum 500 words,ideally.You can post an introduction for yourelf and the blog,
your intersts, and anything of that sort for a first few posts. After the first few posts,write about the subject you are dealing with(technology,download tips,health etc.)

d.Don’t Place any other Advertisements on your blog before being approved by Adsense

Placing other advertisements on you blog Google unhappy and your account maynot be approved.So make sure your blog remains clean while Adsense searches your blog for content.After being approved,
you can place other advertisement’s which are approved by google.

e. Don’t sign upm for adsense from a public computer.

Adsense will record the IP address of the Computer from which you are signing up for Adsense. If your blog become popular, there is a possibility that some other user using the same computer may click on the Adsense ad’s displayed
on your blog. Google counts this as an invalid clicks.If invalid clicks continue to occur, Adsense will just delete your account without further notice.

2. While running Adsense program.

  • Use the same computer( Same IP) to log into Adsense account every time.
  • Don’t indulge in clicking your own Ad’s
  • Don’t tell your friends about your Adsense account.

They may try to help you by clicking, and several clicks per day from same IP may cause suspiction, and youraccount  may be removed.A little earning is better than no earnings.So try to be honest with this commitment as far as possible.

  • Place Ad’s where people will click on them.
  • Place only 3 Ad’s per page.
  • Don’t place the Ad’s together.
  • Try this combination

2 google text/image ads+1 Link ad+1 refrral per page. Place these away from each other and blend with your page.

3.After you gain some experience.

a. Try other Ad’s which blend with google Ad’s . Google doesn’t provide Intext Ad’s( Links within your content). Try some program which integrates well with google
like Contera,text link Ad’s.

b. Try Placing Affiliate links.

c. Try Pay per post programs.

Now you have read one of those posts which have been in my mind for long,and I hope this will be a good tutorial for all those who are
looking forward to earn more from your website.

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  1. David says

    While adsense is a great tool and I use it myself, it’s not the only option there is for making money online. You could also look into social media or viral marketing tactics to generate some revenue from your sites.

  2. Jobin Martin says

    Hi david

    I agree with you.Google adsense is not the only way to generate revenue, but it is still the best way for a beginner to make money online.
    Jobin Martin´s last [type] ..How to set up SMS alerts on Google calendar.

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