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Circumventor proxy lists all in one

I have listed a lot of circumventor proxies till date.I will list those proxies in a single page for easy access.These are my posts for proxies are related stuff.

1.Newest proxies-unblock orkut.

2.Latest circumventors

3.Circumventor Proxies till 2009 June

4.Circumventor proxies for July -August

5.Great proxies for September,browse without being blocked

6.Proxies to browse uncensored, october series

7.Circumventor proxies, November series

8.Circumventor Proxies December series

9.Circumventor Proxies January 2010 series

10.Circumventor proxy list february 2010

11.Circumventor Proxy list March 2010

12.circumventors August series


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Teacher training for doctors at Oxford medical.

Teaching is one of the most revered jobs all over the world and doctors are considered next to god.One of our teachers at our medical college used to say, when a doctor becomes a teacher, it becomes the most sacred profession in the world. Training young doctors require a unique set of skills and patience. Most doctors who get into teacher profession are untrained or have very little training in the teaching field.

Oxford medical is an institution which offers training courses to doctors.Their courses have been externally assessed and validated and come with recognized CDP certification.Consultant interview course helps doctors face interview boards of hospitals and medical management course helps develop skills needed to manage hospitals and staff.

Medical teaching course helps doctors become teachers and help in creating great doctors for future.This course provides information regarding the latest developments in medical field and other information needed in teaching budding doctors and other staff.Teach the teacher course at Oxford medical help train teachers in medical education.

The courses offered are many, and these courses are sure to benefit doctors land better jobs and develop leadership skills. A good medical education system requires great teachers, who inspire the students. A good medical education system produces good doctors which automatically translates to a good healthcare system.

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Use trackmenot to protect your search data from being stolen

We hear lots of data being looted from our computers while we surf the internet. What we think of as a harmless sites may be harboring bots and spam ware which can steal valuable information from you.

In the developers own words:

Trackmenot is a lightweight browser extension that helps protect web searchers from surveillance and data-profiling by search engines. It does so not by means of concealment or encryption (i.e. covering one’s tracks), but instead, paradoxically, by the opposite strategy: noise and obfuscation. With TrackMeNot, actual web searches, lost in a cloud of false leads, are essentially hidden in plain view. User-installed TrackMeNot works with the Firefox Browser and popular search engines (AOL, Yahoo!, Google, and Bing) and requires no 3rd-party servers or services.

Trackmenot runs in the firefox background a sends a set of ghost queries to search engines, thus masking the actual query and preventing spammers and data miners from utilizing this information to create user profiles.

TrackMeNot is user-installed and managed by the user. Once downloaded, it resides wholly on users’ system and functions without the need for 3rd-party servers or services.

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Social Media: Positive effects on the society

There couldn’t have been more people agreeing to this statement if there happens to be a poll about the same. You can resist listing the numerous pros that social media networking has brought to society. One can think of more than half a dozen just off the head. It is a very interesting time when social media made an entry into the public world. What used to be considered a bane has miraculously transformed into one o the biggest boon of the 21st century world, alongside Apple apps and Google. There is now little doubt that social media is the Black Swan of this century.

1. Addressing a larger audience

Today, there is nothing more passé than sending a message to a few friends declaring a promotion of an admission in your favorite college. If you haven’t twitted it, your declaration has only reached 0.001% of the people. The point being, social media stands as the only tool to address a larger crowd. Have an opinion? Share it! Is what social media banks on. The need to share information and have a large audience is also quite important.

The world is growing in leaps and bounds, both by size and by its heterogeneity. In such a case, the uniting factor for most of us is the social media. You will by default find at least a million people on Facebook or Twitter at a given point of time. Such is the strength of social media.

2. Boundary-less Communication

The communication is important, there is little doubt. But what are the kinds of communication that will be most effective? Through newspapers, there has been one-way communication, since it is the government that could speak to us, and not the other way around. Today be it opinions, arguments, debates or simply reciprocating to an event, it can all be done on a platform. Today, San Juan is not as far as it used to be from Paris. The world’s a smaller place and everyone’s happy about it. Thanks to social media.

3. Revolutionizing the world of the common man

How would you feel being a celebrity for a day, or even an hour. Well, you don’t have to dream that far. Social media is here! Today the common is the uncommon. We find ‘likes’ and ‘hits’ on different videos that are uploaded by common people and the world is the audience to these incredible, funny or alarming videos. It is like being star struck for a day. Be it videos of hurricanes or presidential speeches. Nothing escapes the social media.

4. Changes in behavior of teens

It’s a common place to spend time in surfing. There is no such thing as ‘too much time on the internet’. Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin have taken care of that problem. In fact, students especially teens are encouraged to use the devices like the social media since it brings about better interpersonal skills. Promoting knowledge about people from different cultures and backgrounds leads to expansion of the social circuit by meeting people with common ideologies.

5. An identity for everyone

Some people are of the belief that social media is in truth the best practice of democracy. It is the place of the people, for the people and by the people. There is so much to learn from it despite all the criticisms. It lends a distinct identity for everyone, although, the identity is virtual. No one goes unnoticed in the virtual world and it lends everyone with a voice. Something the real world is devoid of.

Social media in itself is not advantageous but the opportunities it offers. It is the people who make social media what it is and this fact cannot be ignored. It caters to the basic need for interpersonal communication and is a bleak substitution and reflection of the real world. Social media is definitely the way to go!

About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of blogging. Recently an article on Maruti Swift attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on 3D Games.


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Get coupon codes on

In these days of fiscal tightening, people are looking for ways to save money. There are a lot of websites which help you to save a few bucks on every purchase.Let it be an Airline ticket, Ipod ,Cinema tickets you can find a site which helps you get a discount coupon for is asuch a website which offer discount coupons and advice regarding spending habits.This site has been featured in mashable,businessweek,newyorker and a lot of other publications.

I was looking for some discount coupons and how to use them when I reached coupon codes were available for a wide variety  of products like quartz watches,necklaces, antiviruses etc.And the blog posts provides insights as to how to save money while shopping.I was surprised to see discount coupons for car rentals too!

Air ticket coupon codes are one of the most searched coupon codes on internet.Jason has written about why he loves to travel on southwest airline and offers some tips to save money while flying with Southwest airlines.

In Jason’s own words

Southwest also offers a rewards program that works like most other airline rewards programs. The money you spend on flights or at affiliated hotels or car rental places earns you a certain number of points. The number of points you get depends on the actual amount of money you spend. So if you use a Southwest Airlinespromo code to get a reduced rate, you only earn points for the discounted total. These points can then be redeemed for free flights on Southwest. If you sign up for a Southwest credit card, then you can apply the points to affiliated hotels and the like. These sorts of rewards programs are always worth signing up for, and can be even better if it makes financial sense to pair a flight with a hotel to earn double points.

I have never taken a trip on Southwest airlines, but it seems that they offer good value for every dime spent.I think some of my readers can find some great bargains on and save money which would have been lost without a cause.

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Mobile Broadband: Simplifying Online Connectivity On The Move

With a new and fantastic concept, mobile broadband has been the fastest growing industry over the years. But as more number of people is relying on the mobile broadband for their internet connection it has become very important to get a strong signal. Without great speed and accessibility you cannot enjoy the benefits of the broadband service. I have accumulated a few tips for my readers for getting a better signal so that you can take maximum advantage of this new technology. Let’s have a look at the simple tips:

1.    A Bit of Research Is Required Before You Buy: Always research mobile coverage in the areas you will be accessing the mobile internet (includes mainly your workplace and the area you reside). Use 3G mobile phones for checking the signal strength of 3G. Visit the website of the mobile operator for checking the coverage maps for HSPA and 3G (Mobile Broadband).

2.    Avoid usage during peak hours: Avoiding the peak hours will help you in getting a faster speed while you access the mobile internet.

3.    Use the Latest Firmware: For the modem, always use the latest firmware. This helps in providing an improved performance. You can get the firmware from the mobile network operator or any modem manufacturer. Be aware of one thing – there is always a risk of permanent damage of the modem at the time of upgrading firewall.

4.    Avoid Falling Backwards: If you do not have a 3G signal available the modem seems to fall back to a 2G connection, which is much slower. It also happens that the connection does not go back to 3G once when it is available again. In this case, first disconnect and then reconnect your connection and you will get back the modem on 3G connection.

5.    Image Compression Should Be Enabled: Compressing an image lowers their quality and even reduce their size. This means you can download them faster. You can enable the image compression through connection manager software or even contacting directly the network.

6.    Optimize your web browser: You can make configuration changes in your preferred browser. This helps in improving the browsing speed. You can optimize your browser by either increasing cache level or preventing loading of pop-ups or even disabling scripts (Javascript, Flash etc) from automatically running.

With the extensive use of Smartphone, most people usually prefer using internet on their phones. Following tips are for those who make use of internet on their phones. These will help you in case if you have signal problems. Take a look:

  • Sit near a window.
  • Use your phones in different rooms as possible, as signal strength varies in different rooms as it depends on the thickness of the walls.
  • Switch off and on the phone back to get a better signal.
  • Make sure the battery life of your phone is strong. This can affect the signal strength.

Few phones are better when it comes to picking up network signals. But the above tips will help you to have greater accessibility to internet in your phone.

 Author Bio

Erika Jonathon is a freelance content writer by profession. She finds immense pleasure in writing technology related article including Verizon internet.

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Watch English Premier league,spanish league live on your Android phone.

Football fans even having access to a cable TV connection were having a tough time watching matches because the fixtures clashed.ESPN star broadcasts only those matches which have the highest viewership. So if Chelsea, Arsenal,Liverpool and Manchester United play against different teams at the same time, only the matches of Man U and Liverpool will be broadcasted by ESPN Star network. So even if you have access to a cable tv connection, only those fortunate ones like MANU and Liverpool fans will be able to watch their teams play football.This is injustice, but these channels have their own priorities. So an application which allows fans to watch matches of their teams seems to be a great step forward. With the emergence of Android phones and multitude of applications available in the android market, fans have a reason to cheer.

After trying out several android apps, we have found the best application to watch EPL matches live.Sport tv is the best android application available on the android market till date, which allows you to watch the matches of your favorite football team for free. Using this application you can watch English premier league,Spanish league, Champions league,Italian league and a lot other football matches live streaming.

If you have an android phone and a good screen size, like Samsung Galaxy S2, you can have the perfect match experience in the comfort of your room. The streaming seems to be perfect even while using a 2G data connection, but a 3G connection is ideal for live streaming.Sport TV displays the available matches at a particular time and you can select the match of your preference.Different providers will be broadcasting the same match in different languages. Select the provider of your choice by trial and error method.I myself have shifted from live text commentary in BBC sport and to sport TV for watching matches of Arsenal.

Hockey,basketball,NFL,tennis,Golf and lots of other matches can be watched using this handy android application.So put your android phone to best use, download Sport TV and enjoy watching your favorite team play without paying anything extra.

The average rating for Sports TV in the android market is 4.1 which itself is the best rating among the football live streaming apps.The number of downloads of Sport TV have jumped in the past month.Sport TV version 6.1.5 requires android 2.1 or later editions of android to run.


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Why You Should Start Using 3G Mobile Broadband Now

When it comes to choosing the right mobile broadband plan, a lot of people are still confused as to
which option to go with. The broadband space is so complicated that it can be sometimes difficult to
know which kind of service to use – but in my own opinion, investing in 3G internet for your mobile
devices might be a smart decision. Below are some of the reasons I think you should start using the 3G
mobile broadband internet now.

Faster Web Browsing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your 3G internet with your smartphone or with your computer,
with the right service provider, you should be able to get download speeds in excess of 2mbps when on
the move, and more when in a fixed place.

3G is one of the fastest forms of mobile broadband internet connection to be available, and it provides
people with enough speeds to use a lot of great applications.

Another advantage of 3G is that it provides enough speed to make it easy for you to tether your
mobile phone with your computer. If you can choose the right ISP and the right plan then you might
even be able to enjoy your 3G internet on your computer.

IPTV Support

Another major reason you should be using 3G mobile broadband now is that it provides you with
support for IPTV – what that means is that you can easily use the internet to watch TV channels online
without any hassles.

There are several applications online that encourage and make it easy for people to watch the internet
on their computer or application. You need the right internet connection for these to work, and that’s
exactly what 3G is.

Wide Coverage and Support

3G is currently the most established mobile broadband internet connection with wide coverage, and
support, across a lot of devices. A lot of modems have even been created for computer users to be able
to access the internet using 3G networks, and there are millions of smartphones in circulation with 3G

The good news is that there is every probability you will find a 3G network in your location, so all you
need to do is get the right device and start enjoying.


The 3G network is a great form of broadband internet connection that is sure to benefit you irrespective
of where you are. The above are some of the top reasons why you should start using the 3G mobile
broadband internet.

About the author

Paul T has been researching and sharing his findings about mobile broadband. He loves helping people
find the right mobile broadband

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The Root of a Blogger

Blogging have today taken the world with a storm and a social cultural influential force

As per the survey data, there are today more than 10 million of bloggers between the ages of 13 to 29 years. This incredible success is definitely having a greater effect on the minds of the bloggers too.

Many mental activities direct a change in our brain structure and its functioning too. We can warrant several supportive conclusions based upon different findings regarding the changes brought about by blogging in the mind or brain of the human being.

1. Blogging helps to promote logical, analytical and critical thinking:

Many blogs are a collection of affluent and creative ideas, critique and active exchanges. Many blogs foster open and wide interaction, conversation with other competitive and likeminded blogs and online sources. These blogs also invite feedback and comments from valuable readers. Posts also form a way to create threads or links to other online web site pages and materials. Blogs forms an ideal format that creates promotes and encourages analytical and critical thinking.

2. Blogging also promotes intuitive, creative and associational thinking

Blogging promotes associational thinking more powerfully than any other media tool. Blogs need to be updated more frequently to remain abreast of its competitors in an online market. This invariably promotes raw thinking and spontaneity. Many known writers like Henri Poincare have recommended Blog writing experience without any thought as one that awakens ideal association.

3. Blogs also promotes analogical thinking positively

The recent surveys shows that many US students remain much behind their peer groups when it comes to the problem solving or critical thinking ability. This is basically due to a decline in teaching or conducting lectures on rhetoric, critical analysis, persuasive thinking and writing ability. However, many professionals especially the attorneys and academicians exchange their intellectual rigor by writing blogs. Young aspiring thinkers can take an added advantage of these professional Blog-based exchanges of ideas and critics to evaluate arguments and witness from the analogical terms and develop their own individual thinking analogical abilities.

4. Blogging explores an access to quality information

There are many arguments and facts that link different blogs in the form of threads and websites. An addition of primary material source and reference work promotes a far deeper exposure and understanding to the eminent information. These sources are further utilized to seed many other technical, analytical and creative projects.

5. Blogging makes an effective combination of social interaction and a solitary reflection

Blogging combines people working for self with other people. This directly influences a powerful community brainstorming more especially among the young peers group. Blogging helps a writer to make effective plans and that too within a well defined time limit. It also enables a quick response from the readers in the form of comments and feedback too. More the responses received, more it opens new thought avenues in the form of circulated posts and collected comments.

Blogging is thus considers as a most effective and quality tool for brain development. It also holds a substantial potential in the field of education by encouraging and taking the creative exchange and societal communication to an entirely new level of world.

About the author: Bethany is a writer by profession. She is really fond of gadgets. She recently bought an Android Mp3 Player for herself. Last day she read a creative article about Apple iMac that dragged her attention.

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Print Edit 5.6 helps to edit webpages before printing.

Since most of the web pages are having a lot of background advertizing that a direct print command will lead to a lot of junk getting printed on paper.So a lot of editing has to be done before printing content from a webpage.So an add on which would help us edit a webpage before printing would come handy every now and then before printing an interesting article on paper.

Print Edit allows editing of the web page content while in Print Preview mode. Editing the web page prior to printing can compact the layout and remove unwanted content such as adverts, sidebars and blank pages. Any element can be formatted, hidden or deleted.

Print Edit is the add on, which you have been looking for.Print Edit is available as a Mozilla Firefox add on.It is a light weight add on ,having only 25Kb size.

Once the add-on is installed in the Browser, the Print Preview mode of the browser can be activated. Select any portion of the page. It will activate the various options as shown on the menu bar of the browser. It includes Deselect, Format, Hide, Delete, Delete Except, Options, Preview and Close. Select any one of the given options to carry out the editing as needed.

The print edit addon will save a lot of time for people who print interesting data on paper, and also help students who visit webpages for academic information.

Read our previous article on printwhatyoulike online tool which allows you to print specific portions of a website by using their online program.

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