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How to block spam SMS from BSNL.

I used to get a lot of spam messages from BSNL. Some were like TD Hyderabad, TD  Kolkata, TD cricket, TD Movies. These SMS  came in hundreds every day. I was tired of deleting these jink SMS, and my phone needed to be charged every day to keep it working. Desperate to find a way, yet lazy to search for it, one day the solution came to me. It was so simple, I didn’t need to call the customer care, and wait for long hours to get it connected. All I needed to do was type in an SMS and send it to a number.

Here is how you do it

1. Type START DND(Do Not Disturb)

2. Send to 1909

3. You will get a confirmation message within a minute.

4,After a few hours you will get a confirmation message saying that your request will be processed in one week.

Though it takes them one week to process my reuest, I could see the instant reduction in the junk SMS I get each day. Before activating this I used to get more than fifty per day, now it has reduced to less than 5 per day.

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5 Responses

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  1. Sagar says

    Do try DND.. In case it does not work, use the awesome app from Blocks spam SMS automatically!

  2. Jobin Martin says

    Hi Sagar,

    DND is the easiest way for BSNL and it is free of cost.The smsblocker, website is useful for people who want to specifically block certain messages, right?

  3. text message spam says

    Put a break on these kind of sms by sending deactivation SMS request
    text message spam´s last [type] ..Hello world!

  4. saveen kumar says

    Check out this link to block the unwanted sms……

  5. Jobin Martin says

    Thank you for your valuable input.The marketing companies have started sending messages even after being blocked.I have started receiving messages from an online retailer.I think many companies will follow suit , government have to impose heavy fine for companies which break these rules.

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